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Welcome to Fentanyl Free Communities, where we combat fentanyl use and work on Fentanyl overdose prevention in Minnesota’s youth through education, awareness, and policy advocacy. Join us to create fentanyl-free communities, protect lives, and build brighter futures.

Michelle Loberg and daughter Emily hold up signs with White House in the background
Michelle Loberg and Emily with Signs at the White House

Join us in creating fentanyl-free communities

Fentanyl Free Communities is driven by a singular mission: to curb fentanyl-related fatalities and address the crisis among Minnesota’s adolescent youth, with a strong focus on fentanyl overdose prevention. 

Our commitment is unwavering, manifested through impactful education initiatives, community engagement, and advocacy endeavors. We are resolutely focused on forging a safer path for our youth. Discover more about our organization and stand with us in our resolute battle against the fentanyl crisis.

Explore our resolute dedication to combatting the fentanyl crisis through Fentanyl Free Communities. Our comprehensive education programs empower individuals with vital knowledge to make informed choices. 

Engage with our community outreach initiatives to amplify awareness and foster prevention. Together, we are shaping a safer future for the youth of Minnesota.

United by a shared mission, Fentanyl Free Communities is resolute in shielding the lives of Minnesota’s youth from the perilous clutches of the fentanyl crisis. Immerse yourself in our organization’s purpose, values, and the impactful strides we take. 

Join hands with us as we combat the fentanyl challenge, harnessing education, advocacy, and community engagement. Together, we wield the potential to effect change and carve a brighter trajectory for our youth.

FFCF 501c(3) board members

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation (FFCF) and Fentanyl Free Communities (FFC) are two separate entities, each with its own unique focus and structure. FFCF is a 501(c)(3) community service nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, raising awareness, and providing support in response to the fentanyl crisis. Its board members actively engage in charitable activities, community outreach, and educational initiatives. 

On the other hand, FFC is a coalition committed to advancing policies and advocating for actions that address the fentanyl epidemic through legislative and political means. Board members of FFC are actively involved in lobbying, policy development, and advocacy efforts. 

Despite operating under different legal frameworks, both organizations share the common goal of combating the fentanyl crisis. They have distinct roles and responsibilities in achieving their respective missions, with a solid commitment to preventing fentanyl poisoning.

Michele Hein

Chair FFCF

Paul Ostrow

Chair FFC

Michael Freeman

Member FFC

Michelle Loberg

Member FFC

Medaria ‘Rondo’ Arradondo

Member FFC

Thomas B. Heffelfinger

Member FFC

Brian Hilgardner

Member FFCF

Suzanne Nash

Member FFC

Ryan Vasquez

Member FFC

John Kingrey

Member FFC

Greg Hansen

Member FFC

Mitigating Fentanyl and Preventing Overdoses: Empowering through Education, Elevating Awareness, and Saving Lives.

Your support is vital in creating fentanyl-free communities. Join our cause, volunteer, and contribute to our mission. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Creating Fentanyl-Free Communities: Our Approach

Welcome to the About page of Fentanyl Free Communities, an organization dedicated to combatting fentanyl addiction among Minnesota’s youth. Our goal is to create fentanyl-free communities, protecting young lives and securing brighter futures. 

Through education, awareness, and policy advocacy, we actively work to make a significant impact. By equipping communities with knowledge, raising awareness about the dangers of fentanyl, and advocating for effective policies, we strive to prevent addiction and save lives.

At Fentanyl Free Communities, we are committed to a comprehensive approach. Through education, we empower individuals with essential knowledge, enabling informed decisions and a deep understanding of the dangers of fentanyl. 

Our awareness initiatives reach schools, families, and community organizations, fostering awareness and preventive measures. Moreover, our advocacy for policy change addresses core concerns, ensuring the protection of our youth through effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Fighting the Fentanyl Crisis: Empowerment, Education, Advocacy, and Safer Communities with a Focus on Fentanyl Overdose Prevention.

Join us in shaping a safer future, mitigating the profound impact of fentanyl, and unlocking the potential within every young individual. Together, we have the power to educate, raise awareness, and empower our communities to combat the fentanyl crisis. 

Through the unification of individuals, organizations, and policymakers, we forge a collective strength devoted to averting addiction and safeguarding young lives. Let’s collaborate in constructing fentanyl-free communities where our youth can flourish.

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