Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen: A Committed Advocate and Family Man

. As a loving husband, devoted dad, and proud grandpa, Greg’s family is central to his life, shaping his values and guiding his actions.

Professionally, Greg has built a successful career as an electrician, demonstrating skill and integrity in his work. His leadership extends to his role as a Union Steward, where he tirelessly advocates for the rights and interests of his fellow workers.

Beyond his professional life, Greg is an active participant in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), holding leadership positions that underscore his dedication to community and progressive ideals.

A music lover at heart, Greg’s passion for melodies and rhythms reflects his harmonious approach to life, finding joy and connection through the universal language of music.

As a new board member of the Fentanyl Free Communities (FFC), Greg brings his diverse experience and empathetic leadership to the organization. His blend of family values, professional acumen, and civic engagement makes him an essential asset to the FFCF team. Greg’s vision, dedication, and hands-on approach are poised to drive the organization’s mission forward, contributing to a lasting impact on the community he holds dear.

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation highlights content related to the Fentanyl crisis. We are sharing these stories as part of our educational efforts. We are committed to raising awareness and positively impacting the fight against fentanyl poisoning in our communities.

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