Medaria Arradondo

Medaria Arradondo, also known as Rondo, is a visionary public affairs and community leader with a career dedicated to public service. He served as the Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department from 2017 until 2022, becoming the first black chief of the department.

Arradondo is recognized nationally for leading through public crises and building strong community and organization alliances. He is known for his innovative strategic thinking, focusing on solutions and creating relationships built on trust. As a systems and culture change agent, he aligns goals and values for people to accomplish their work.

Throughout his career, Arradondo has demonstrated strength in communication, active listening, and the ability to work within constrained resources to accomplish significant outcomes. He is well-versed in data and technology and has functional expertise in leading services such as finance, media relations, diversity, and inclusion.

Arradondo leads with humility, courage, and optimism. He is known for his calm, measured approach and his ability to motivate and build collaboration with accountability and gratitude. He values different voices and perspectives for clear decision-making and is committed to mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Arradondo’s tenure as the Chief of Police was marked by significant events, including the high-profile murder of George Floyd and subsequent widespread protests. He made the historic decision to fire all four officers involved in Floyd’s murder and announced plans to restructure the police union contract to create a warning system for “troubled” officers and provide transparency.

Arradondo brings his trusted leadership to the board of Fentanyl Free Communities, where he will focus on fostering a positive culture through public affairs, corporate responsibility, and diversity. His extensive experience in law enforcement and commitment to public service will be invaluable in the organization’s mission to address the fentanyl crisis.

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation highlights content related to the Fentanyl crisis. We are sharing these stories as part of our educational efforts. We are committed to raising awareness and positively impacting the fight against fentanyl poisoning in our communities.

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