Paul Ostrow, Chair FFC

Paul Ostrow is a distinguished public service and law figure whose career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to justice, community improvement, and policy-driven solutions. As the Treasurer of the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation and Chair of its sister organization’s policy board, Paul leverages his extensive legal and governmental expertise to combat the fentanyl crisis. Having recently retired in December 2023 from his role as a county prosecutor in the criminal division, he now dedicates his full attention and efforts to the mission of the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation and its policy board.

Paul’s professional journey is marked by notable positions of influence and service, including serving as the Minneapolis City Council President and City Attorney. His deep understanding of local government intricacies and policy’s critical role in community shaping has been pivotal in his efforts to create safer, more engaged communities. Paul’s leadership is characterized by a collaborative spirit, always aiming to unify diverse perspectives for optimal solutions. His tenure in public service has led to significant advancements in urban development, public safety, and community engagement.

An accomplished attorney, Paul’s legal career is defined by a pursuit of justice and a profound comprehension of the law, skills he brings to his current roles in the Fentanyl Free Communities initiatives. His dedication to the community extends into various industries, reflecting a genuine desire to enact positive change.

Paul’s nonpartisan campaign for Hennepin County Attorney highlighted his balanced approach to law enforcement: focusing on law enforcement while protecting rights and due process. His strategies for addressing violent crime, including stiffer penalties for fentanyl dealers and efforts to remove illegal firearms from the streets, underscore his comprehensive approach to public safety.

Paul continues contributing his vast experience in law enforcement, transparency, and justice to the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation board. His commitment to the organization’s mission—to eradicate the fentanyl crisis—is palpable in his leadership and advocacy efforts. Paul Ostrow remains a vital asset in creating fentanyl-free communities, offering his leadership, expertise, and dedication to make a significant difference in the lives of those impacted by this crisis.

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