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Welcome to the heart of our mission and a window into our world at the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation.

Our blog page is a dynamic space where we share valuable insights, poignant memorials, and the stories of dedicated individuals who drive our cause. Within these digital pages, you’ll find a curated collection of articles and updates spanning three distinct categories.

Michelle Loberg and daughter Emily hold up signs with White House in the background
Michelle Loberg and Emily with Signs at the White House


News: We provide timely updates and insights regarding the Fentanyl Free Community Foundation and the ongoing fentanyl crisis.

These articles explore current events and developments impacting our mission to combat the opioid epidemic. We believe that knowledge is a potent tool in our fight against fentanyl addiction.

Just as in our Memorial section, where we remember and honor those tragically lost to fentanyl, our News section serves as a source of awareness and education.

Memorial:  In this section, we honor the lives tragically cut short by fentanyl poisoning.

With utmost respect and consent from their families, we share these heartfelt narratives as a tribute to the departed.

Each story serves as a poignant reminder of the human faces behind this crisis, embodying our commitment to education, remembrance, and prevention.

Our collaborative efforts with grieving families aim to shed light on the devastating reality, urging the imperative need to combat the fentanyl epidemic for a safer future.

Through these narratives, we not only cherish the memories of the lost but also fortify our resolve to take meaningful action against this ongoing tragedy.

Board Member Bios:  In this section, we introduce you to the passionate individuals who drive the Fentanyl Free Community Foundation’s mission.

Our board members are deeply committed to fighting the fentanyl crisis through advocacy, education, and community support.

Each bio provides a glimpse into their backgrounds, experiences, and dedication to making a difference.

Our Board Member Bios section highlights the real people behind our cause.

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