A Candid Q&A with Fentanyl Free Communities’ Founders

Michele Hein and Paul Ostrow, the driving forces behind the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation, recently conducted a heartfelt 45-minute live interview, directly answering questions from supporters. This enlightening session illuminated the foundation’s core mission, strategic approaches, and deeply personal motivations fueling its battle against the fentanyl crisis.

Through their candid responses, Michele and Paul offered an intimate glimpse into the impact of their work and the legacy that inspires their continued fight. From discussing the challenges of prosecuting fentanyl distributors to sharing Tyler’s inspiring story and the foundation’s significant achievements, this interview was a powerful testament to their dedication and the community’s role in combating this epidemic.

As we gear up for the February 19, 2024, celebration, let’s rally together to support this crucial cause. Michele and Paul’s journey reminds us of the power of resilience, advocacy, and collective action. Join us in making a difference.

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation highlights content related to the Fentanyl crisis. We are sharing these stories as part of our educational efforts. We are committed to raising awareness and positively impacting the fight against fentanyl poisoning in our communities.

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