Paul Ostrow: A New Role Battling Fentanyl

Paul Ostrow, former Anoka county criminal prosecutor
Paul Ostrow, former Anoka County Criminal Prosecutor

Article by Jeff Fabré, Media Specialist, Filmmaker, and Journalist.

Leading the Fight Against Fentanyl After Retirement

Paul Ostrow, a name synonymous with public service, public safety, and justice in Minnesota, has embarked on a new but familiar mission. As the former criminal prosecutor for Anoka County retires from his official duties, he steps into a pivotal role at the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation, continuing his ongoing battle against the fentanyl crisis.

A Mosaic of Shared Tragedy and Purpose

Ostrow’s journey in public safety has been marked by dedication and achievement. His tenure as a prosecutor saw him at the forefront of some of Minnesota’s most significant fentanyl cases, advocating for victims and their families. Now, as he co-founded the Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation, Ostrow brings his vast experience and passion to a team uniquely positioned to make a real difference.

The Foundation’s board is a mosaic of shared tragedy and purpose, comprising parents who have lost children to fentanyl poisoning and distinguished public safety officials. This includes former Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria (Rondo) Arradondo, former Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman, and former US Attorney Thomas Heffelfinger. Each member brings a personal commitment to the Foundation’s mission of education, awareness, and policy change.

Uniting Expertise for a Common Goal

These board members, united by their personal experiences and professional expertise, are not only focused on raising awareness about the dangers of fentanyl. They are also actively working to influence public policies at the state level, aiming to empower both public safety officials and community members in the fight against this devastating crisis.

From Prosecutor to Foundation Leader

Paul Ostrow’s new leadership role in this collective effort is more than a continuation of his professional career; it’s a personal crusade. His transition from a criminal prosecutor to a key figure in the Foundation highlights a crucial aspect of this battle: it’s not just a matter of law enforcement but also of community engagement and legislative action.

“Our goal is not simply to educate,” says Ostrow. “We aim to effect tangible change, to implement policies that will provide our communities, law enforcement, and public officials with the tools they need to combat this epidemic that has claimed too many lives.”

Continuing the Fight Beyond Retirement

This team of dedicated individuals, with Ostrow at the helm, is redefining the approach to the fentanyl crisis. By combining education and awareness with policy advocacy, they are not just spreading awareness but also paving the way for meaningful action and reform.

As Ostrow asserts, “Retirement from public office does not mean Retirement from public service. Our fight against fentanyl continues, more determined than ever. Together, with a unified voice and concerted action, we can turn the tide against this crisis.”

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and action, driven by leaders like Paul Ostrow. Their collective effort is a powerful reminder that even in Retirement, the fight for safety and justice continues, adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing challenges of our society.

The Fentanyl Free Communities Foundation highlights content related to the Fentanyl crisis. We are sharing these stories as part of our educational efforts. We are committed to raising awareness and positively impacting the fight against fentanyl poisoning in our communities.

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